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Comfortable rubber cow mat

New rising rubber has specialized in the design and manufacture of rubber cow mats for 10 years. Our agriculture comfort rubber cow mats could bring various benefits in farms such as providing the solutions to improve dairy cattle comfort and preventing injuries risks. The good grip surface can keeps your cows confident and comfortable no matter where they are walking on.

Styrene Butadiene Rubber


Product Code:
RC5202 RC5205
Available Thickness:
Available Widths:
4ft, 5ft, 6ft
Any length according to farm needs


Rubber cow mat benefit:

  • Comfortable:the good toughness and elasticity provides more comfort to dairy cattle.
  • Protective:good grip surface reduce slipping risk.
  • Increase milk yield.
  • Healthy: protect your Cows from the hard,wet and cold floor with the comfortable cow mats.


Walkways,Milking parlors, holdingareas, alleyways,corridor.

comfort rubber cow mat
comfort rubber cow mat
comfort rubber cow mat